• Save Water

    We are a technology-in-hand developer for water and wastewater treatment projects.

  • Save Energy

    Practice conservation for the future generations using our waste heat recovery solutions.

  • Save Earth

    Practice electricity generation from renewable energy sources using our quality designs.

  • Dream Big

    Count on our support for implementing your water and power development plans.

Engineering and project management professionals with extensive experience in developing water treatment, power generation and energy recovery projects.

Services We Provide

Solution Development & Master Planning

Providing innovative solutions in the context of a specific project for a sub-system or to an entire solution; as a master plan.

Feasibility Study & Financing Arrangement

Studying technical and economic viability and validity of benefits of a selected project concept, as a basis for the authorization by investors.

Procurement, Technology Transfer and Licensing

Managing the entire procurement process, from planning and sourcing to installation, commissioning and training as a one-off purchase to a complete technology transfer and licensing project.

Product Development & Product Conformance

Developing new product from concept to prototype, and testing the type and conformance in compliance with international standards.

Capacity Expansion & Efficiency Improvement

Increasing return on investment through capacity expansion, improving efficiency, renovating, and upgrading.

Project & Investment Management

Managing appropriate applications and integration of management processes of a project and the entire investment as a general contractor.

Why us?

Ethical and Professional

We are a team of professional engineers, committed to ethical conducts in every aspect of our activities.

Extensive Experience

We are technology-in-hand professionals with extensive experience in providing complex engineering solutions.

Fast Response

We have well-tuned decision model for the frequent reassessment of plans and instant adaptations.

Performance Guarantee

We review our solutions in all design and development stages for performance optimization.

Competitive Pricing

We have utilized value engineering techniques to perform well-optimized design and project management.

Great Support

We guarantee lifetime technical support for maintenance, repair, and renovation of  solutions we provide.

Service Applications

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Water or wastewater treatment for any purposes including drinking, safely returning to the environment, and reuse in industrial, municipal and agricultural sectors.

Waste Heat Recovery

Recovering energy throughout heat exchanger from hot streams such as hot flue gases from a diesel generator or steam from cooling towers or even wastewater from different cooling processes.

Waste to Energy

As a form of energy recovery, generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the primary treatment of waste.

Heat & Power Cogeneration

Simultaneous production of electricity with the recovery and utilization gas engine or gas turbine waste heat to maximize production efficiency.

Distributed Generation

Small-scale power generation near the point of consumption to eliminate inefficiencies associated with transmission and for simultaneous use of generated heat and/or steam.

Industrial Automation

Utilizing industrial automation and control techniques and technologies to reduce energy consumption and/or to make the best use of generated energy in different industrial contexts.